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pedagogy and educational philosophy

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Early childhood learning is built on trusting relationships. Pre-Kindergarten serves as a transition time between home and school.  Play is the vehicle through which young children learn everything from vocabulary to math to self-control. Our fun and joy-filled teachers continually provide new activities and challenges, ask thought-provoking questions, and nudge children to think deeper. 


Grade school is an action-packed time, full of learning and development. Your child will begin by learning to read and transition to reading to learn. They will mature emotionally, spiritually, and physically as they grow more independent and reach toward adolescence. Our school climate provides a strong foundation, which cultivates an innate love of learning. Elementary school students benefit from phonics and literature-based reading instruction as well as concrete math manipulatives. Hands-on problem-based activities drive instruction as students explore science and social studies, helping them develop an understanding of our past, confidently handle issues in the present as well as preparing them for the future.

Utilizing a combination of Abeka, Bob Jones, and other Christian-based and traditional curricula, our students are offered a broad range of enriching subjects to keep them active and engaged.

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